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What Affects The Price Of Your Home?

By Tara Burton
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When moving home, the price of your property plays a major part in the home moving journey, so here are 5 key factors to increasing the value of a property.

1) Without doubt the location continues to be the number one factor effecting the price of a property. Whether you are in a quiet village location, or in the middle of a busy town, there will always be plenty of buyers looking for your type of home.

2) A main factor which adds value to your home is being in a catchment area for an outstanding or good school. Properties in a good school catchment area gain a lot more interest, especially those looking for a family home.

3) Wi-Fi and broadband speed has definitely been one of those questions that gets asked more often. Fibre broadband is always a winner!

4) Having the potential to extend or convert rooms in your property is a big selling point. From adding an extension to create more living space, to coverting the garage to a bedroom...increasing the floor area will increase the value!

5) Updating kithens, bathrooms, flooring and decorating can absolutely add value to your home. However, please be sure to spend your money wisely and ensure you will get the return on investment if you decide to drastically update!

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