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Top tips for your garden

By Tara Burton
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With spring just around the corner, here are our quick and useful tips to get your garden looking its best!

1. The right location - Plants are super fussy, so it’s important you are planting them in the perfect location to suit their needs. This includes an open space where sunlight and water can reach them, planted in damp, nutritional soil to promote it’s full, healthy growth.

2. Save your cooking water - Rather than dumping your cooking water that is loaded with nutrients, why not water your garden with it? Simply let it cool down and water your plants to give your plants a little extra boost of nutrition!

3. Grow roses in potatoes - hear us out! By taking out your cut rose and pushing it into a small potato before planting it, the potato will help keep your rose extra hydrated (in addition to regular watering). Spring is the perfect time to plant your roses because the weather is mild.

4. Create yourself a theme - home design these days is so important to homeowners, so why not have a garden theme, too? Whether you go for Spring pink or an ocean blue, bring some immediate colour to your garden.

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