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5 Steps To Decluttering Your Home

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HELLO 2018??
Now Christmas is all packed away for another year, and the children are all back to school...are you wondering how to prepare your home ready for marketing?
Here are five steps we think will get you on the right track to de-cluttering your home:
1) First off it’s a good idea to make a list of all the rooms or areas you plan to tackle.
2) When attacking your first ‘danger zone’, be sure to empty out the room as much as possible.
3) It’s worth being a little more ruthless than usual for this task – perhaps invite a friend or family member round to help and question you if you’re the type of person who struggles to let go of sentimental items.
4) This next step asks you to once again go through everything and this time decide whether it needs selling, donating or throwing out.
5) Start placing items and furniture back where they belong to reconstruct everything according to your original plan and vision for the space.

GOOD LUCK! We can't wait to take photos of your home!

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